When transporting the acid it is important to remember that it is classified as a dangerous goods? product and all substances which are classified as ‘Hazardous for Transport’ are covered by a set of Regulations concerning their transportation.? The UK Regulations which cover this are known as the ‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009’.? The European Regulations concerning the transportation of goods deemed ‘Hazardous for Transport’ are known as the ADR Regulations.? However, both sets of Regulations are in principle almost the same.? When transporting the acid, these regulations cover all methods of transport by road, rail or air.? The international international agreements covering Road and Rail Regulations are updated every two years.?

Transporting Nitric AcidAll dangerous goods, including NA, are given a UN Number to identify the product. ?This UN Number must be displayed on the outer packaging of the box in order for the product to be readily identified.? Dangerous goods for transport are allocated different classes according to their physical properties.? There are nine different classes for transportation.

Packaging Groups are given to dangerous goods; these relate to the extent of the hazardous properties of each product.? The Packaging Groups are divided into three categories; Class I,?? Class II and Class III, with Class I being the most hazardous Packing Group and Class III being the least hazardous Packing Group.

All Corrosive substances, including Nitric Acid, are classified as Class 8.? The goods must be marked with the UN Number and the hazard diamond according to the properties of the product.? Orientation Arrows should also be evident on the outer packaging.? The symbol for 'Corrosive Substances' shows a liquid spilling from a glass container onto a hand and metal.? This symbol is internationally recognised as being the symbol for a Corrosive Substance.

From the end of 2010 the symbol for Corrosive Substances will change to the new symbol which will be a white diamond with a red border containing a very similar symbol, but the opposite way round in appearance.

When transporting chemicals,, care must be taken to ensure that the Threshold Limits are adhered to.? These limits are set for individual receptacles and full loads and they can be determined from the Packing Group.? Below a set volume or mass, the receptacle size is known as a limited Quantity and transport regulations are relaxed when this criteria it met.? However, the UN Number must still be shown in a plain white diamond or the abbreviation 'LQ' (Limited Quantity) may be used.

The load limits will determine the documentation that is required for transporting the acid.? The load limits willl also dictate the marking of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.